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March 16, 2009 / Kuan

Newspaper’s mascularity

Kelly Frankeny, the creative force behind the redesign, was quick to inform me that paper’s typographical look would need to be “muscular.” –Neal Pattison, ‘The P-I staff relished its uphill fight’

I have been thinking what should I do with this blog after I got back from my vacation in Europe, leave it as a travel blog and post travel stuff later in the future, or keep posting random stuff, or…?

Thanks to twitter, I find the answer: devote this blog to design and photography as they are 80.1% of my life. (0.9% is sleeping, just you know.)

So today’s post comes from one quote from an interesting article by Neal Pattison: the paper’s typographical look should be “muscular.” I just came out of my news design class, during which we spent a lot of time looking at different typefaces in order to decide on one or two that we will use for the annual Student Voice project. Take a look at last year’s special report on immigration.

I don’t know anything about redesign, since I am still in the process of developing my design. But I do believe that the typography is the fundamental bricks for a newspaper, as well as for design overall. After happy searching in Suitcase X1, we pick Minion Pro, Adobe Caslon Pro, Palatino, Gazette among all for body typefaces. For display headline and deck typefaces, we are not sure among Helvetica Neue, LinoLetter LT Std, and some others.

Our professor will send us the final pick in a few days, hopefully, it will be a muscular typographic choice because Roger Black said, “a newspaper should look at a newspaper.”


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