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May 4, 2009 / Kuan

Love the photographer: Tim Flach

I love horses, and dream of taking photographers of this wild yet magic creature. There is something about horses, the eyes, the fur, the running pose, that excite me. I was completely stunned when I saw this:

@Tim Flach

Flach is Polish, I think, and his work of animals, children are incredible. There is really something about his photography that speaks loudly to me in my mind.

I read yesterday on last issue of this semester’s Daily Orange, and was deeply touched by two columns written by two graduating sports writers in the D.O. (Read their column here: Austin, Schonbrun).

Tim Flach’s photography reminded me of what Schonbrun said in his column:

I’ve been told often that the best sports stories are never about sports. They’re about overcoming, struggling, vindicating, justifying, disappearing, faltering, getting hurt, getting healthy, getting pregnant, getting in trouble, hiding something, uncovering something, war, love, drugs, education, money, family, race, religion, ethnicity, and all the other little idiosyncrasies that make up who we are and what we do, that separate us from nobody, that connect us in the tiny ways that make us all human and make us all understand.

I think that the best photographs are never about photography, but about that kind of overcoming, love, family, and all that make us human and make us all understand. And Flach’s photography reminded me of “why I do what I do.” (quoted Austin).


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  1. matt / May 19 2009 5:05 pm

    Hey I think this blog is really interesting :)

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