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September 5, 2009 / Kuan

Catch the Summer before It’s Gone-Yunnan, China


Tibetan house in Yunnan, China.

I took a trip to Yunnan, the very southwestern part of China in the end of July.  It was good to be away from the city for a couple of days, just to breath. To take in a piece of harmony with nature, with people.

The places I went are mostly for tourism. Local people don’t live there, which upsets me a little bit. But this trip gave me a general idea of what Yunnan looks like, and I will come back again to explore more.


Woman in traditional tribe clothes, is smiling while holding a pig.


The sunflower in a not-so-clean river.


The highlands in Yunnan.


A yak is having his lunch. (I am not sure if that’s a yak…)


Backyard of the old house owned by a local governor in 18th century.


The door that narrow.


Traditional instrument is played by a skilled performer.


Aha, globalization in rural China.

Yunnan12_Summer09_WThis horse is served for tourism purposes. Tourists can ride on it, touring the town.

Yunnan13_summer09_wThe long braided hair are fake. Why? Because in tradition, the tribe women have that, and now they are striking for a real presentation of the tribe tradition for tourism.

Yunnan14_Summer09_WAmong all the touristic scenes, in a rainy day, I found this. Two boys were playing chess on a marble table. The chess board is carved on the surface of the table.


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