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September 6, 2009 / Kuan

Catch the summer before It’s Gone-Amoy, China

Amoy, also known as Xiamen, sits southeastern China. It was the first port of trade used by Europeans in mid-16th century, the rich history and imported foreign culture flavor Amoy with not only great coffee shops but also a life attitude that is hard to find anywhere else—relaxed.

Xiamen1Heima, a cafe opened by some musicians from Iceland, is named after their own band.

I spent 5 days in Amoy, and all 5 afternoon, I found a nice little cafe to sit in, ordered a house special or latte or Kenya and read. Time went by, and as I spaced out in a world covered by ivy shadows and bird singing and rhymes of words, the sunset came.

Xiamen2The decoration right next to where I sit in Heima.

Xiamen3The light in the room sparks beautiful patterns on the wall.

Xiamen4They paint water meters in Amoy. It says all.

Xiamen5Plants on chair outside of a resident house in Amoy.

There are so many colors in Amoy, and everyone seem to be an artist. They paint their water meter, put blue and white chairs outside of their yellow doors…What a pleasure.


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