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September 6, 2009 / Kuan

Typography: a Scientific Art Form

The nature of designing with type is “a functionality defined not by trends or philosophy, but by the simple and powerful mechanism of human perception.”

My overall impression of Samara’s Typography Workbook is that there are too much to say about type. It ranges from categories to structures, it includes crossbars to terminals, it offers various stroke widths, and beyond all, it carries art and science. It speaks.

Typography can be expressive, lively, arresting, straightforward, conceptual, etc… As a receiver of such information, I am amazed by how type designer are able to use vertical and horizontal lines, curves to create these typographic forms. They are scientific art forms.

Typography also speak for their centuries, as they record the fashion, human’s interests and development of technology of the era they are born. They, as our history books, are witnesses of the past. They have stories.

It takes a life time to learn typography, and I just started the journey. I am looking forward to bounding with typography this semester, and it shall be really fun!


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  1. Wayan Parmana / Sep 7 2009 11:14 am

    well..i like the typograph so much…
    it’s never’s look easy..but actually not.

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