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November 11, 2009 / Kuan

type + image + color = ?

Integrating type and image is a difficult task for designers, says Samara.

“Understanding how colors work optically is an important step in understanding how they will affect typography,” again says Samara.

Mixing color, type and image is like…mixing three flavors for a milkshake, says me. It needs bravery. It’s challenging. It has a high failure rate. BUT, it’s fun, and it’s even better when some wonderfulness happens.

Just like those conversation posters, which for Neenah paper.

The series of conversation poster is highly successful as the color schemes are wonderful, and typography choices are excellent, and its just-about-right mixture with images.

Light blue as sky, dark blue as ocean, green as leaves, brown as soil, orange as woods. The color scheme throughout the series are coherent, consistent and certainly effective for the subject.

Slab-serifs are modern, approachable, friendly-looking, as well as the hand-writing type in some spots in the poster. Thin sans serifs in some headlines are clean, organic and readable. The combination feels really neutral and inviting.

The usage of the illustrations of sun, tree, fish, rain, clouds and mountains add a lot of personality to the poster: fun, creative, a little funky. They are very prominent in the posters, but not noisy.

The balance of the three element in the posters is very nicely controlled as none of those elements appear to be superior than the others. They all contribute evenly to the greatness of the series.

The type is also orientated in different directions to diminish the density of the texts on the poster. Can you imagine if they are all straight up?

What a successful milkshake.


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