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December 24, 2009 / Kuan

Design Projects(gress) 2009: Veterans Listening Project

It’s almost Christmas. I’m grateful for some of the projects I came across this semester. One of them is Veterans Listening Projects. Site design is there!

The logo and website design for the project was an intense experience, but you know,  looking back at those time now, I was like “Wow! I didn’t even know how I did that! But I did.” It was also fun. A lot of communication with Co-executive producers and went through probably 11 versions of drafts.

So here we are:

poster for the project

About the Veterans Listening Project

The Syracuse, New York-based Veterans Listening Project (VLP) is working to document the experiences of our nation’s veterans. In conjunction with StoryCorps’ second annual National Day of Listening, a National Public Radio-affiliated non-profit organization whose mission is to honor and celebrate one another’s lives through listening, VLP is recording important stories about veterans both in conflict and on the homefront. The successful StoryCorps model is to record conversations between two people who are important to each other. The Veterans Listening Project has recorded conversations between veterans and their husbands, between veterans and their wives, and between veterans of different U.S. conflicts. It is our belief that the simple act of facilitating, then sharing, these conversations will be beneficial to both participants and the civilians who hear them.

Inspired by the words of Dr. Edward Tick of Soldier’s Heart, a returning veterans’ organization, VLP believes that veterans’ stories are especially important. The telling of stories of war can bring release to the sharer and some sense of shared responsibility to the civilian listener.

VLP is made up of two groups. One is a team of upstate New York media professionals and advanced journalism students–award-winners in their fields–who work in Public Radio, photography, and multimedia journalism. The other group is made up of journalism students at Arizona State University and the University of Southern California. The Executive Producers are Bruce Strong, Associate Professor of Photography and Multimedia Storytelling at Syracuse University, and Brad Horn, a Master’s candidate in the Multimedia, Photography, and Graphics program at Syracuse University.

Some earlier versions we went through:


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