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January 13, 2010 / Kuan

Battle between Logic and Visual Impact in Advertising Design

I came across this great post by noupe on gorgeous typography examples in advertising design, and many of the examples struck me with their bold, fresh and original typography usage. As much as I like the visual effects of mixing different typefaces, font size and color, I believe that clean, strong single visual is still more effective in advertising as it conveys the message quick and instant.


Nike Italy.

Many a times, great ideas can seem overwhelmingly amazing at first but painfully illogical upon execution.–

Truth! Many examples featured in noupe’s post share this problem. I am not quite sure why a ski resort will design something like this?

10 out of 10 in design, but logically? Maybe not quite.

How about this?

I had trouble connecting this poster with Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers: England.

Design, often thought as a creative process, is actually more like a rational process. The big difference between good illustration and good design is that good design makes sense. Good illustration doesn’t have to be. What distinguish good design from great design then? When time washes away everything else but the message of a design, it’s a great design.

I am all for simplicity, but it is not to say less is more in all cases. Enough is more, let’s say. Before creating something fancy/crazy/eye-blowing, getting the message right seems to make more sense.

No company want this to happen: “Did you see the type poster? So awesome! I can’t remember what’s it’s for, but it’s so cool looking!”



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