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February 2, 2010 / Kuan

Week in Design 2010 #5

Wednesday, Jan 27

Super cool & fun book Jacket and bookmarks by Igor “Rogix” Udushlivy. Now reading a dense book can be so much more fun!

Thursday, Jan 28

Future of Forestry EP cd cover design by The Heads of State studio. A neat way of connecting typography with photography and simple illustration.

Friday, Jan 29

I came across this poster submitted for Design For Obama today on noupe (more political artworks here).  Among many campaign posters, I think this design has one of the strongest political messages. The idea of help, influence, minds, hope are intertwined quite well to make this visual stand out. Compared to many call for action posters, this one goes further in the thought thinking process behind the design, which is actually what good design is about.

Saturday & Sunday, Jan 30-31

Fun web design! Click on the image to visit the site. Very fun to look at!

Monday, Feb 1 (Happy Feb!)

Super awesome typographical illustration by Fiodor Sumkin. (click on his name to see the whole post on Behance) It’s great.

Tuesday, Feb 2

Wonderful data/information graphics done by Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar on world’s long-term relationship with romance. (Click on the image to visit the site). Today’s found reminded me that never give up looking, something wonderful will eventually come up.



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