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November 11, 2010 / Kuan

Details in Typography

On my day trip to NYC the other weekend, I finished this thin but great little book at my breakfast table. The 58-page book by Jost Hochuli, Swiss typographer and graphic designer, is an extremely helpful guide to type settings for graphic designers. From letter, word, line to columns, Hochuli zooms into the most invisible details in design and unveils the impact of careless type setting on reading process.

It is such a quick read with too many leave-behinds. So if you’re looking for a condensed type setting guide, here you go.

A theoretically less attractive typeface can, through the proper choice and skillful deployment of all the other elements, be so enhanced that, as part of a typographic whole, it hits the right note. For typographers, analyses of the impression created by typefaces are thus often purely theoretical: they neglect the sheer complexity of typographic practice. They also harbour the danger that their results may incline people to apply prescribed solutions. This is something that creative typographers guard against. –Jost Hochuli

By the way, the book is set in Abode Minion with Futura Bold. Just thought it might make the call.


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