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January 23, 2011 / Kuan

Inspiration: Infographics from Data Flow

I borrowed this book from our library, and was fascinated by some extremely cool infographics examples in the book. I’m personally attracted to simple, easy-to-understand graphics, and here are some of my favorites to share with you:

Muhammed ALi v. George Foreman by IMAGE NOW, Aiden Grennelle & Adam Gallacher: 180 seconds of each around, the dashed lines indicate the exact moments at which Ali makes contact, versus the solid lines of his opponent.
Been there by CATALOGTREE: This study for ESPN elegantly shows how the top five coaches criss-cross the U.S. to find the Shaq O’Neills and Michael Jordans of tomorrow.
One week of the Guardian: Saturday by DESIGNING THE NEWS
Influence Map by MARIAN BANTJES
Literary Organism Poster by STEFANIE POSAVEC: Each chapter has its own blossom, in which each paragraph and line have their own petals.
At This Rate & ‘2060’Poster by STUDIO 8 DESIGN, Matt Willey & Giles Revell: Urban map metaphors the decaying of our nature
The Shape of News: Front Page News Coverage Across the Country by CHRISTINA VAN VLECK
We Tell Stories: Hard Times by NICOLAS FELTON, MATT MASON (Author)
Small Mall Maps by ABI HUYNH

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