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May 5, 2011 / Kuan

TK zine: last project in college

Poster for TK zine

Before I graduate from Syracuse University, I want to do one final project with friend and journalist Caitlin Dewey. Inspired by Longshot!, we decided to make a zine in 48 hours. The zine will be named TK as often used as “to come” in journalistic writing. We hope to work on this last college project together, to capture the last essence of the past four years, and to say farewell to that precious experience.

TK is a crowd-sourced zine, which means that we will announce the theme of TK on Monday, May 9th at midnight and give our writers and artists 24 hours to contribute the contents. On Tuesday May 10th at midnight, we will close submission and start production. By Wednesday midnight, we will have the zine printed, hand-bonded and ready to hand out to our contributors and friends.

Stay tuned, and check out our Facebook event page as well as the TK zine blog for hints of the theme and follow along with us!


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