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May 12, 2012 / Kuan

The Most Important Unit of Time

This very day, a year ago, I graduated from college. Feeling privileged and equipped, I was told among many other fellow graduates that our future is bright and full of potentials.

I believed it then. Today, I still do, if not more firmly. Thanks to a keynote speech by Paul Ford, a Brooklyn-based writer and programmer, to School of Visual Arts Interaction Design graduates.

The most important unit of time is our heartbeat. As interaction designers, the products we produce in the next decade will cost millions or billions of heartbeats. How can we be sure that our users spend their heartbeats wisely? — Paul Ford

Let emotions show through digital platforms. Empower the end users by letting them make, create, choose and decide. Bridge misunderstandings via knowledge sharing.

Those are wonderful things that we, interaction designers along with others, are passionately doing. When we debate whether and how the Internet “disconnect” us and makes us lonelier, we can’t deny the future. Or more so, we can’t blame the tools. As cars are not responsible for degrading the environment, technology isn’t the scapegoat for human disconnection.

Having options is a wonderful thing, even though we might make some bad choices at the beginning. Looking at where the world of interaction design is heading through the lens the of those SVAixd graduates, I see an incredible amount of effort to close that gap between you and me. I see a pool of opportunities to use existing technology to live future-friendly.

Interaction is everything: a kiss, a letter, a tweet. The job of us interaction designers is to make those moments worth of your heartbeat.

Go play, and make mistakes.

I typed this post on my iPhone during my bus ride from New York City to Philadelphia. I can’t wait to sit in front of my desk to write these thoughts down, and I thank technology for allowing these fleeting thoughts to sit and be shared. Edits: Here’s the link to all the wonderful projects made with love by SVA Interaction Design 2012 graduates.



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  1. Cicero / Jun 5 2012 8:37 am

    Lot of smarts in that positng!


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